Board of Directors

Equines For Freedom is organized through an all-volunteer Board of Directors from a variety of backgrounds.  The Board is augmented with the hands of many volunteers who help promote our fund-raisers.

President: Barbara Cocolin *
Vice President: Mary Beth Guyette *
Treasurer: Cassandra Bell *
Secretary: Sylvia Tagert *

Board of Directors and staff get together to promote EFF on WBRE-TV

2017 Board and Staff – (l to r) Gary Johnson, Bruce Spencer, Barbara Cocolin, Cassandra Bell, Sylvia Tagert, Courtney Burgess-Michak, Bob Tagert, Marica Ramey, Jim Cocolin, Heather Stage, Ryan Ruark, and Ann Marie Lewis

Board Members

Dr. Brenda Goodrich
Jim Cocolin
Bruce Spencer
Ryan Ruark *
Gary Johnson *
Ann Marie Arcure
Charles Passeri, Jr.
Daniel Loftus

Volunteers and Board members can find EFF resources on EFF.Host

Executive Board *

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