Many people often wonder what they can do to sincerely thank military service members for their service, especially on Veterans Day.  Buddy and Kathy Croft and Eagle Cleaners of Clarks Summit found their answer in dry cleaning.  They offered Equines For Freedom the profits off all of their dry cleaning business for the entire day on Saturday, November 11, 2017.  This generosity raised almost $3000 to provide equine-assisted trauma therapy for veterans.  EFF Board President, Barbara Cocolin, said simply, “Thank you from all of us and the veterans we treat.” 

Pictured accepting this Veterans Day Donation are volunteer Bob Tagert, EFF Secretary Sylvia Tagert, Eagle Cleaner’s Buddy Croft and EFF President, Barbara Cocolin.

Equines For Freedom provides a unique form of therapy for veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress.  Many veterans find that therapies provided in an office setting are uncomfortable and they often continue to experience nightmares, flashbacks and angry outbursts.  They also find that government-based programs do not treat earlier lifetime traumas.  EFF addresses the need for an alternative to office-based therapy by inviting veterans to work with horses in an arena or pasture while also receiving one of the most proven and highly recommended forms of therapy for PTSD called EMDR.  EMDR allows for processing of traumas that have occurred throughout a veteran’s life, not only during times of deployment.  Veterans from Vietnam through active duty service members who have successfully completed this program have indicated relief of many of their symptoms of post-traumatic stress.   They find their time with the horses and EMDR to be the thing that has helped when nothing else has. 

Equines For Freedom would like to sincerely thank the entire community for supporting this fundraiser held on Veterans Day 2017 by Eagle Cleaners.  It is together as a community that we will be able to reduce the staggering number of veteran suicides that occur daily.

To learn more about Equines For Freedom’s programming, volunteer opportunities, or to join the chorus of Thank You’s to our veterans through monetary donation, visit, like us on Facebook, , or call 570-665-2483.

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