The Wyoming County Community Health Foundation (WCCHF) recently awarded Equines for Freedom a $5,000 grant towards treatment to veterans who suffer from the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Equines for Freedom provides treatment for PTSD free to current and former U.S. Service members, regardless of the source of trauma or their characterization of service. This therapy, EMDR, is a proven treatment for trauma and is approved by the SAMHSA and the APA as effective treatment for symptoms of acute and chronic PTSD.


The grant received from the WCCHF will be used solely to treat veterans. Equines for Freedom’s goal is to treat 30 service members this year and help to reduce the number of suicides that the veteran community is experiencing. For more information on how to apply for a grant from the WCCHF, please contact Executive Director Shealynn Shave at 570-996-1645.

For more information about Equines For Freedom or to enter the program call         570-665-2483.

Pictured are Wyoming County Community Health Foundation’s Executive Director, Shealynn Shave as she presents the grant check to Equines for Freedom board member, Cassandra Bell

Bill Johnson Memorial Fundraiser for EFF

The next EQUINES FOR FREEDOM FUNDRAISER Bill Johnson Memorial Fundraiserwill take place in just 2 weeks on Sunday, August 13 at 1 p.m.  at Coal City Tavern, Luzerne, PA

  Admission cost is $15.  Tickets can be purchased in advance (  or will also be available at the door. 

This event will include Equines For Freedom merchandise and information, a buffet and drinks available to purchase, a large and varied basket raffle and an auction for a personalized signed copy of the collection of oil paintings and stories of America’s military veterans:

Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors authored by George W. Bush

We hope you can attend for a few minutes or the whole afternoon.  Bring some friends and enjoy some fun in support of our program.  As always, all funds raised from this event directly cover costs associated with providing free equine-assisted therapy for military service members.

Visiting our Facility

Serene, peaceful, private, confidential… just some of the words used to describe the place where our therapy happens.

Marley’s Mission has graciously allowed us to share their space where children who have experienced trauma come to heal.

Because of the confidential nature of the therapy taking place both at Marley’s Mission and Equines For Freedom, the farm is private and closed to the public. Visitors to campus must call and set up an appointment time.

So that we may continue to describe our facility as serene and peaceful, please help us by respecting the privacy and confidentiality maintained by Equines For Freedom, and call us at (570) 665-2483 instead of coming to the farm.

Taking Our Message To The Road

You may have noticed our ad campaign has begun with a series of billboards along NEPA roadways.  Our upcoming Golf Tournament to be held at Glen Oak Country Club on June 26 and the EFF Wine Festival at Creekside Grove on July 1 are featured on the boards, as well as the message featured here.

Equines For Freedom is proud to help the veterans in our program reduce their symptoms of post traumatic stress through EMDR therapy, which takes place in an arena with horses.  We serve veterans from the Vietnam War through currently serving military service members, men and women, regardless of their source or classification of trauma.

Anyone interested in beginning this free therapy can call (570)665-2483 to schedule.  All calls are confidential.