2017 Pallet of Beer Raffle

Equines For Freedom
1st Annual Pallet of Beer Raffle
All proceeds will benefit Equines for Freedom

Drawing will be held at the Equines for freedom Wine Festival on July 1st, 2017. Winners do not have to be present to win.

Drawing Rules

  • Must Be at least 21 year old to enter
  • One pallet of beer equal to 52 Cases of Beer, provided in 30 pack cans
  • Domestic Beer only
  • Winner may choose equal value in bottles
  • Winner may choose different cases of beer within the approved list of beers
  • The winner will be contacted after the drawing to obtain a list of beers and set a delivery date
  • Drawing is open to any location in the continental United States. We will ask you for contact information of a beer distributor near you to arrange for your pallet of beer. Proof of age is required upon delivery and the award will be denied and re-awarded to someone else if legal age is not proven.

Approved list of beers: Miller, Miller Lt, Budwieser, Bud Lt, Coors, Coors Lt, Bush, Bush Lt, Michelob, Ultra, Yuengling, Yuengling Lt, Keystone, Keystone Lt, Genesee, Genesee Lt, Pabst

For further questions Contact Mike Goodrich 570-575- 4391

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